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Our Mission

To drive the collaborative strategic vision to create solutions for the crisis of homelessness grounded in compassion, equity, and inclusion."

Our Values Accountability, Collaboration, Compassion, Equity, Integrity

  • Accountability

    We take responsibility for our actions and decisions.
    We commit to evaluating results, continuous improvement, and transparency for the system.

  • Collaboration

    We are stronger together.
    Our success is driven by our ability to build relationships, break down silos, and connect across teams, functions, populations, and geographies.

  • Compassion

    We believe all persons deserve housing, services, and safety.
    We meet people where they are without preconditions or judgement.

  • Equity

    We are committed to racial, social, and economic justice.
    We appreciate culture, experience, and values of all people. We work to eliminate disparities within our system.

  • Integrity

    We do the right thing.
    We hold ourselves to a higher standard by demonstrating honesty, dignity, and respect in all we do.

Overview of 现金娱乐网注册

In December of 1993, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the Los Angeles mayor and City Council created the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (现金娱乐网注册) as an independent, joint powers authority. 现金娱乐网注册 is the lead agency in the Los Angeles Continuum of Care, which is the regional planning body that coordinates housing and services for homeless families and individuals in Los Angeles County. 现金娱乐网注册 coordinates and manages over $800 million annually in federal, state, county, and city funds for programs that provide shelter, housing, and services to people experiencing homelessness.


Through 现金娱乐网注册, funding, program design, outcomes assessment, and technical assistance are provided to more than 100 nonprofit partner agencies that assist people experiencing homelessness achieve independence and stability in permanent housing. Our partner agencies provide a continuum of programs ranging from outreach, access centers, emergency shelters, safe havens, transitional and permanent housing, and prevention, along with the necessary supportive services designed to provide the tools and skills required to attain a stable housing environment.

Additionally, 现金娱乐网注册 partners with both the city and county of Los Angeles to integrate services and housing opportunities to ensure wide distribution of service and housing options throughout the Los Angeles Continuum of Care.